Benefits of Condong Island, Lampung

Lampung is not only known as the border area just for being a limiting area between Java and Sumatra, but also known as one area that has beautiful and natural tourist spot that is not inferior to that existing in Lombok and Bali.

One is the Condong Island. Quoted from several sources, this island called Condong Island because the stomach is shaped like a bowl. As for some of the benefits of Lean Island which is the main attraction for travelers such as the following:

Condong IslandThe water is still very clear. When you enter the area Condong Island, the first thing you’ll see, or the first time you are presented with very clear sea water. So crystal clear, to the extent that ecosystems exist under the sea can be seen with the naked eye or not using goggles.

Underwater beauty is still very awake. In addition Kiluan Bay and Grave Island, Island Lean also is a great place in Lampung for snorkeling or diving. Underwater beauty that is still very awake into a certain satisfaction when performing this exercise.

The state of the water is fairly calm. Want a vacation to the beach along with your little family? If so, the Condong Island is the right choice. This is because the island offers surf conditions are minimal or water is calm enough so that your child can minimize the pounding waves carried away.

Offers sunset. You want a vacation with friends? Condong Island into the right place. Therefore, this island will pamper you and your partner with a sunset view.

You are attracted to the Condong Island? You can take a trip on the Pantai Pasir Putih Lampung for about 10 minutes by boat at the rate of about IDR 150 thousand to IDR 250 thousand.




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